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Advanced training for students and teachers of Life Alignment.
Refresher paying:
1 day training: ZAR 2480 inc.VAT fixed price
●       2-3 day training: ZAR 4000 inc.VAT fixed price
●     4 day training: ZAR 5400 inc.VAT fixed price
●     Masterclasses, OA and Teacher Training excluded


To continue upon your healing journey to Advanced Practitioner level, Modules 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well as the branches such as Organisation or Sensitivities Alignment add a profound and deepened understanding to the skills already learned. They help to refine and enhance your own practice and personal self-development. These modules are not compulsory but are highly recommended. They also require case studies for certification as an ‘Advanced Practitioner’. These workshops are a time to do some deep work in a loving and nurturing atmosphere.