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Mini-Masterclass – Date 26 August


QUESTIONS DURING BALANCES “New Movie, Changing Polarity,


Date: 26 August 2024

Times: 17:00-21:00 SAST

Value: ZAR 1780

Pre-requirement: Module 2 student and up

We are introducing the “Mini Masterclasses” with Jeff. The goal is to break up the

Masterclass time into several stages and offer more variation and flexibility for our


As you all know, qualifying for every Module includes a Masterclass with Jeff. As an

alternative to the 2-day Masterclass in one go on the topics of the respective module, we

now also offer the option of attending 3 Mini Masterclasses or 2 Mini Masterclasses and

one Open Workshop with Jeff in order to be able to qualify faster and more individually.

Each Mini-Masterclass has different and varying topics.

In this Mini-Masterclass Jeff will dive deeply into the Question During Balances

“Additional information” such as Life Field, Situation, Person, Place, Time Frame. He will

showcase not only how to deal with additional information which might come up before

or during a balance, he will also demonstrate the procedure and balance with the priority

persons of the group. There will be allocated time for Q&A.