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ACTIVATE YOUR LIGHT BODY – 27 – 28 April 2024


27 – 28 April 2024


Times: 10:00 – 18:00 SAST

Value: ZAR 6500


The Light Body can be seen as a vehicle of light and for facilitating transformational shifts. It’s made up of all our energetic structures such as our auric field, causal bodies, Merkaba and Torus Field. In this 2 – day workshop, we are activating a procedure to amplify the qualities of the Light Body to energetically increase its potency. When activating and amplifying the light in us we are creating greater protection, resilience, ease and a high vibrational magnetism to be receptive to the abundance of life. The healing modality of Life Alignment is a co-creation with Spirit Guidance for the mind, body and spirit.


This workshop will be initiated a week before with preparation of spiritual self-assessments, meditation and watching videos by Jeff to be optimally prepared for the 2 days of balancing and activation of the Light Body.