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Vortex Cards

Vortex technology is imprinted with high vibrational frequencies channelled through significant Light Beings that have agreed to work with us and our environment. 

As mankind’s relationship with the earth, food, air and even water has become increasingly distorted, we have been given a technology, not man-made, but created by consciousness. 

To the human eye, a tiny magnetic card appears to be a static object, but in reality, it is “alive”and infused with energy that works in concert with these higher beings. When we select a particular Vortex card, it will work only until the body or environment is fully re-charged and balanced, thus since we can never become over-energized, this is a safe technology.

We can use the cards for balancing earth energies and electromagnetic radiation, but also they help to accelerate the healing of our physical and psychological symptoms.
Each magnet has its own specific channelled frequency and a laminated cover with a Sacred Geometry design that is the card’s signature.