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Jeff Levin’s Open Workshops - ONLINE

These Events are open to all with no prior LA experience necessary.

During these Open Events, newcomers to Life Alignment, students and practitioners embark on their personal journeys of growth and self-awareness.

These workshops are open to everyone who is interested in personal and global healing, or just curious about Vibrational Medicine.

These are not training workshops, but an opportunity to work closely with Jeff in a life changing experience. At these seminars, Dr Jeff Levin will give personal and collective balances in a group setting to release the blockages and their emotional stress formed by negative and restrictive patterns and will follow the themes of the workshops.

Using Life Alignment, he will tap into the collective consciousness of the group to uncover what is needed to be manifested to access our vast wisdom, knowledge and insight for our profound healing. The work will be integrated through meditations, one-on-one dialogues, writing and movement exercises.